Guided Tours regulations



  1. Guests are responsible for:
  • choosing a Tour that suits their abilities, fitness level and state of health;
  • arriving at the point of departure of the Tour with the clothing and gear suited to that season;
  • respecting Italian laws and customs;
  • following the Tour Leader environmental guidelines and regulations during the Tour.

Each participant may be required to leave the Tour, if the Tour Leader feels that the continuous behavior of that participant brings harm to himself or to other Guests, compromising the health and leisure of the group.

  1. Guests are not responsible for any theft of bikes or parts of bikes.
  1. Guests are not responsible for any breakages or mechanical damage to the bikes, which have not been caused by the client’s inexperience or negligence.
  1. Guests are responsible for any damage to their bikes or to those of other participants, caused by their inexperience or negligence.
  1. Wheely Srls is not liable for bodily injury or property damages as a result of (but not limited to):
  • physical exertion for which a guest is not properly prepared;
  • natural disaster;
  • consumption of alcoholic beverages;
  • civil unrest;
  • breakdown of equipment;
  • inadequate medical care, once provided.
  1. Guests of the Tour express permission to take photographs or make film recordings of the Tour, for promotional and commercial use, as well as approving such use by third parties with whom Wheely Srls may engage in joint-marketing, without financial remuneration.



  1. While booking it is strictly required to insert full name of participants and, at least, an e-mail address and a mobile phone number.
  1. The reservation is considered complete with the payment of 50% of the total cost of the chosen Tour, by:
  • PayPal – Credit Card
  • Bank transfer on checking account payable to Wheely Srls:
IBAN: IT 23 J 05387 03224 000002197010

(in the bank transfer “purpose of payment” please indicate the date, the starting time and the name of the chosen Tour

  1. Payment is due in full before the Tour starts, even on the same date on which it will take place, by Credit Card or Cash.



If Guests must cancel their reservation, our cancellation fees will be determined according to the policy outlined below:

Days before the Tour starts Charges
8 + days full refound
7 – 3 days 50% penality
2 – 0 days no refound

Exceptions to our cancellation policy cannot be made for any reason, including: terrorism, civil unrest or personal emergencies. There is no refund for arriving late or leaving a Tour early. There is no reimbursement in case of bad weather. Usually in Rome there is never such a bad climate to stop you from riding a bicycle. But if it rains too much, we will propose to change the date of rental or of the Tour, without any penalty. In any case Wheely will provide excellent rain capes, very comfortable to ride with.



It is possible to transfer from one Tour to another up to 7 days before the departure of the chosen Tour without penalty, after said period the deposit of 50% will be retained by Wheely Srls. If the booking is transferred to a more expensive Tour, it is required to pay the difference.



For all issues, not provided for in this present Regulation the rules contained in D.L. n. 111 of 17/03/1995 implementing EEC Regulation n. 314/1990 and the Law n. 1084 of 27/12/1977, will be applied. The Court of Rome will have jurisdiction over any dispute.


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