1What is the best time to visit Rome by bicycle?

Rome is beautiful and amazing during the whole year but Rome by Bike is more than that.

Spring in Rome is wonderful! A kaleidoscope of colors, a continuous bloom of flowers, and the temperature is perfect to explore the wonders of the Eternal City by Bike. Daylight saving time, which begins every year between the night of the last Saturday and the last Sunday of March, will give you an hour more of daylight.

Summer in Rome is beautiful! Despite of the temperature, which often exceeds 30°C, Wheely can guarantee that you will forget the summer heat thanks to the wind in your hair during a bike ride and thanks to the characteristic "Nasoni", scattered everywhere in the Eternal City, where you can drink thirst-quenching water, and, the last but not the least, thanks to the best ice cream you will ever taste in your life.

Rome in Autumn is fantastic! The Roman “ottobrate” are known all over the world, the climate is mild, the trees are "orange Wheely", yellow and red colored, the sky is bright blue and the rainfall is usually scarce. Visiting Rome by Bike in autumn will make you feel so excited. Daylight saving time, which ends on the last weekend of October, still gives a bright light during the evening.

Rome is cozy in winter! The Roman winter is mild, the temperature rarely drops below freezing. It usually doesn’t rain too much and too long and the sun peeping through the clouds, even if timidly, warms enough during the day. Riding is still pleasant and stopping now and then to admire the monuments or warm up inside a tea room of the old town could be the ideal way to discover unexpected corners of Rome.

2Why should I visit Rome by bicycle?

Rome is too big to be visited on foot!

We found out that just to visit the city center you should have at your disposal at least 4 days and a lot of energy.

A motorvehicle does not allow you to enjoy and discover all the hidden corners of the city and also many roads in Rome are closed to traffic and therefore the only way to cross those areas is by foot or by bike.

That’s why Wheely thinks that the best way to discover the wonders of the Eternal City, in full freedom, is by using the two wheels.

With our Wheely Rome Bike Tours you will visit all the most important Tourist attractions of Rome, and then choose which of these sites you are interested in knowing better the next day.

If you are more comfortable choosing your Roman itinerary independently, you can rent a Wheely Bike. Wheely will provide you with a map of Rome indicating the main Tourist facilities and our staff will give you all the information you may need.

3Map of Rome?

Wheely provides you with all the information and curiosity that only Romans can know and spread, and we will give you all the information to get around Rome easily and safely by bike.

4Why choose Wheely?

Wheely is a Tour operator dealing with the organization of Tours and guided visits of Rome, Italy and Europe by Bike.

Born from the passion for cycling and the belief that the bicycle is the vehicle more economical, healthy, independent, civil and eco-friendly that exists.

The bicycle brings people and cultures together, it is good for both body and mind. And it is the best way to discover Rome.

Wheely is located a few meters away from the Colosseum, close to the Metro B, and five minutes away from the bus parking of Via della Navicella. It is the ideal starting point for any itinerary.

Our specialized staff, kind, and really nice will give you all the information you need and will help you choosing the best Tour for your needs.

If you are curious click here to see what our customers say about Wheely, about our Tours, our Bikes, our Tour Leaders and our Staff.

5What do I need to rent a Bike?

Only a valid ID.

If you want to keep the bike during night and for more days, we will ask you a refundable deposit of € 150 for each bike, otherwise you can return the bike to our headquarter every evening and collect it again the next morning.

6What is included in the rental?

Besides the bike, of course, you will have included in the rental:

  • A lock for the safety of the Bike;
  • A helmet (not mandatory, but recommended);
  • A repair kit (you will pay only if you will use it!);
  • Our assistance from 9 to 20 (call our Infoline +39 06/86706237);
  • The liability insurance.
7What is included in the liability insurance?

The Civil Liability insurance covers the damages that you might cause to a third party or property of third parties when you ride the bike, and the damages that might cause a malfunction of the Wheely Bike.

8What is not included in the insurance?

The insurance does not include damages and theft of the bicycle for which the customer is always responsible.

9How can I book a bicycle?

You can book your bike on our website in the "Book Now" page, and pay online by Credit Card or PayPal.

Or you can come directly to our office in Via Labicana, 118, a stone's throw from the Colosseum, from 9 to 20.

Wheely Bike Rental & Tour is the cheapest Bike Rental in Rome and Wheely Bikes are all new and top quality.

10Do you apply a discount if I rent a bike for more days?


Despite the fact that our rental price is the cheapest in Rome, compared to other high quality bike rentals, if you rent our bikes for more than one day you can have a substantial discount.

The first day costs € 12,00

The second day you will pay only € 11,00

Starting from the third day you will pay only € 10,00

So if you rent for 5 days, for example, the total cost of your rental will be of € 53,00, more or less 10 euro per day.

Click here to rent a Wheely Bike.

11Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes, you can!

If you cancel your reservation within 48 hours before the rental starting date, no penalty will be applied and, if you have already paid, you will be refunded the full amount (except Credit Card or PayPal fees).

For cancellation within 48 hours no refund is provided.

12What happens in case of bad weather?

There is no reimbursement in case of bad weather.

Usually in Rome there is never such a bad climate to stop you from riding a bicycle.

But if it rains too much, we will propose you to change the date of rental, without any penalty.

In any case Wheely will give you excellent rain capes, very comfortable to ride.

13What is the minimum age for children to ride a bike or participate to a Rome Bike Tour?

On all Wheely Bikes we can fix a child seat for children from 3 months old and up to 25kg.

The seat is completely free for Rental and Tours as well.

For older children who want to experience the ride, even if they still can’t cycle, the Wheely Bike can be extended with a tail (tag-a-long).

The children already independent on two wheels can have fun with our Mini Wheely Bikes.

Our staff will provide you with the bike that best suits your needs and your size.

14What if I get a flat tire of the bike I have rented?

We provide you with a repair kit for each bike.

During the Tour, each Tour leader is equipped with a backpack with repair kit and everything you need for first aid.

Wheely is open 7 days a week from 9 to 20 and our Infoline will answer immediately.

Whatever your problem is, you just have to call us.

15Can I ride the bicycle with 2 persons?

Absolutely not, for your own safety.

16And, what if I would like to ride a bike during the night on an unlit road?

All Wheely Bikes are equipped with front and rear lights, and if you want we can also give you a reflective orange vest with the Wheely logo! Safety is very important for Wheely.

17What if I need a bike delivered directly at my place?

You can book a home delivery from a minimum of 8 bicycles and with an advance of at least 7 days by writing to: info@wheelybikerental.com.

18Do you have a pick-up service from the hotel?

Yes we have.

Our authorized shuttle driver will pick you up, lead you directly to Wheely and take you back.

For info and prices contact us: info@wheelybikerental.com.

19What about your Rome Bike Tours? Are they achievable for everyone?

Absolutely yes!

Wheely offers Rome Bike Tours for all levels, for all tastes and for all ages.

Our Tour leaders know Rome and all its secrets perfectly, and they will also modify the Tour according to your needs. With Wheely Bike Tours you can discover all the most important points of interest of the Eternal City, and you can choose the one that's right for you.

20Can I join one of your Tours with my bicycle?

Unfortunately not!

All our Rome Bike Tours include exclusive use of our Bikes, as our insurance policy for civil liability only covers bicycles owned by Wheely Srls.

21Can I book a Rome private Bike Tour tailored for me?

Of course you can!

Write us all your needs, your wishes, the number of participants and we will pack a customized Tour for you! info@wheelybikerental.com.

22Where do the Bike Tours start from?

All our Rome Bike Tours start from our headquarters in Via Labicana, 118, a stone's throw from the Colosseum and they end at the same place.

Click here “How to get to Wheely Bike Rental & Tour".

23What does the Bike Tour include?

In addition to the bicycle, of course, each Tour includes:

  • A lock for the safety of the bike;
  • A helmet (not mandatory, but recommended);
  • Our assistance from 9 to 20 (calling our Infoline +39 06/86706237)
  • The Tour Leader (speaking the language you choose);
  • The insurance of civil liability.

Depending on the chosen bike Tour: Lunch, Aperitif or Dinner.

24How long does a Rome Bike Tour last?

Depending on the Tour you choose.

The one that lasts less is our 2 hours Tour "Pizza & Bike"

You will find all the details of our Bike Tours here.

25Do you consider to have a break during the Bike Tour?

Absolutely yes!

The Tour stops at each site of interest, you can get off the bike, take pictures, have a coffee.!

26Can I cancel my Bike Tour reservation?

Sure, you can!

Up to 8 days before the departure date of the Tour you will get a full refund (except the Credit Card or PayPal fees).

From 7 days to 2 days before the date of the Tour, we will refund 50% of the paid amount.

For cancellation within 48 hours, no refund is provided.

27What happens if I'm late for my Rome Bike Tour start?

We ask all our customers to arrive 20 minutes before the departure time of the Tour to fill out a form and choose the right bicycle, so it should not be a problem.

If this will happen, please call us and we can try to postpone, but not more than 10 minutes, the start of the Bike Tour.

Or we can try to help you get the rest of the group by contacting our Tour Leader.

If all of this is not possible, we will give you the Wheely Bikes to go wherever you want, a map of Rome and all the information you will need.

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