Bike Tours with Wheely on all the roads that lead to Rome!

There are about three thousand tourists in 2015 rode on Wheely Bike Rental & Tours bikes, visiting Rome, from all over the world. Opera singers, craftsmen, billionaires, bankers, artists, workers, architects, restaurateurs, surgeons, managers and gardeners; hetero newly married couples, gay couples on their honeymoon, CRAL groups, visiting supporters, families, cruise passengers and students on excursion; tall and low, thin and fat, women and men, children, young people and granny: the bicycle is really for everyone.

Wheely Bike Rental & Tours headquarter is located in the very heart of Rome, a stone throw from Colosseum, and even only for that Wheely is a place that excites; prepare for a tour in our cozy base is like being on the edge, before diving to immerse yourself in the Eternal City. We would love to find the words to describe the feelings that tourists give us with their expressions, when we see them back from our tours, and maybe they would like to do it too! It is the best moment of our work: see their astonished eyes, the muscles of their faces that replace the voices and seem almost lost in searching of the adjectives that they can not find to describe the wonderful experience just lived. Words are not enough, and even their photos or movies.

From the first day of Wheely, that it means from the beginning of our activities, our dream was and remains to offer a new perspective of wonderful places and paths that, because of their location or because of their size and their characteristics, were hard to know, explore and live on foot; too precious, rich of colors, smells and atmospheres to be reached by a motor vehicle.

Travel for tourism, in a car or a bus is conventional and may seem like a convenient solution but it’s like watching a football game or a musical concert on television; traveling in bike means to be in the front row at the stadium!

Often, over the past few months, we were assailed by doubts: visit Rome by bike is really beautiful, the tourists who experience that are very happy, and we feel lucky to lead them to discover the most beautiful City they could visit in their life, but in some ways, find themselves in the heart of Rome after arrived by plane, by car, by bus or by train is like love without foreplay!

And, therefore, if all roads lead to Rome, why not ride them by Bike? How does it feel to conquer Rome gaining ground ride after ride, getting there through the ancient consular roads of Imperial Rome or the Ways of the Pilgrims who came from over two millennia? What does it feel entering into the Eternal City imagining the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain, refreshed by the same breeze that brings dance the crops and the cypress trees, going down, by bike, from the Tuscan hills?

It’s exactly what we want foreign and Italian tourists to find out with our new project: “All roads lead to Rome“!

Our new initiative: “Travel and Holidays with Wheely”, put in the yard in recent months with great enthusiasm and attention to details will be online in a few days and open to reservations.

We will start April the 4th, with a trip that will make you get to Rome after 4 days spent exploring the Ghost Towns in Northern Lazio.

We will take advantage of the weekend of the 1st May to travel toward the south through the Appia Antica Way, the Castelli Romani Park, the Gardens of Ninfa, the Castle of Sermoneta, the channels of Pontina Reclamation, the rationalist architecture of the province of Latina, the coastal dune and the lakes of Sabaudia, the Circeo National Park, the Guattari Cave of Neanderthal Man, the Gothic abbeys of Valvisciolo and Fossanova and the Fossanova castle.

We will ride on the Francigena Way, from Siena to Rome, and on the Old Railways between Spoleto and Norcia, and between Paliano, Fiuggi and the Fumone castle.

We will stop to rest in holiday farms and B&B that will made you feel deeper in the wonders of the places you will cross; local foods, wines and traditional cuisine will accomplish the experience of our senses and will accompany us along our entire trip.

The paths we have chosen are achievable to everyone, mainly through winding dirt roads and along stretches of secondary roads, where car traffic is low or completely absent. All our Bike Tours are followed by expert Mechanic and Tour Leader, able to lead the group in security and pleasantly tell the places visited along all the trip.

We propose “All-Inclusive” formula; grab and ride your bike, do not worry about anything: Wheely will take care of you completely! To all our guests it remains only the pleasure of the trip!






Ghost Towns in Northern Lazio




All Roads lead to Rome (Nemi-Rome)



From Rome to Circeo National Park




South Pontino Country Treasure




The Bike Lane Assisi, Spoleto, Norcia




The Old Railway Spoleto, Norcia




From Fiuggi to Fumone Castle



The Francigena Way from Siena to Rome




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