19 January 2020
By bike to discover the museums of Rome

By bike to discover the museums of Rome

Did you know? In 1885, on the slopes of the Quirinal Hill, 6 meters underground, between two foundation walls of an ancient building, one of the most stunning bronze statue of antiquity was found: the Boxer at Rest, dating between the IV and the I century BC. Archeologist Lanciani described the discovery: “The statue had not been just thrown there, […]
15 January 2020
Discover the Pantheon by bike

Discover the Pantheon by bike

Did you know? The bronze of the Pantheon’s beams was reused to make cannons. Many people know that pope Urban VIII Barberini (1568 – 1644) in august 1625 dismantled the ancient bronze joints of the Pantheon’s porch trabeations, allowing Bernini to recast them into the great St. Peter’s Basilica Baldachin. In fact, the dismantling caused the dissatisfaction of the population […]
9 January 2020

Bike ride to the Spanish Steps

Did you know? The famous Spanish Steps are in fact more French than Spanish. Cardinal Mazarin, chief minister of the French king Louis XIV, originally proposed the construction of the stairway. The 1585 church of Trinità dei Monti, visible on top of the stairway, is in fact a French speaking church and the area around it (Villa Medici included) was, […]
6 January 2020

Bike ride to the Colosseum

Did you know? The Colosseum, originally called Flavian Amphitheatre, was constructed in just 8 years, between AD 72 and 80 by the first two emperors of the Flavian dynasty, Vespasian and Titus, following the reign of Nero. The construction was almost entirely funded by the opulent spoils taken from the Solomon’s Temple after the Great Jewish Revolt in 70 CE […]

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