The Francigena Way from Siena to Rome

Road type: 90% unpaved path, 10% asphalt

An unparalleled spiritual and sport path, that will make us dive in mystic and magical atmospheres, to the discovery of the ancient Francigena Way, the medieval pilgrimage route from Canterbury to Rome.

We will be able to follow the paths walked by the pilgrims headed to the Eternal City, through places of incredible fascination, rich of history, art and culture.

Our start will be from a city that needs no introduction at all: Siena! Riding high-quality mountain bikes we will go through gravel roads that will lead us from there to the red lands of the Val d’Orcia, one of the most famous landscapes in the world, through vineyards, olive trees and pictoresque villages. Then we will enjoy the shores of the lakes in Northern Lazio through medieval towns like Montefiascone and Bolsena and finally we will arrive on the sweet hills of the green Tuscia, a region rich of Etruscan and Roman remains, as well as buidings in tuff such as the wonderful anfitheater of Sutri. A trip made of country inns and delicacies of enogastronomic Italian tradition, but also art, history and spirituality, with monasteries and Romanesque basilicas.

Our ride will end with a scenographic entrance to Rome, through a panoramic cycling route that from Monte Mario will bring us to admire the Dome of Saint Peter and the center of the Eternal City!

Our trip will start from one of the most charming spots in Tuscany, the city of the Palio: Siena! We are talking about a celebre horse race that is held twice per year, in which the medieval contradas of the citadel compete for the victory. From here onwards we will ride through the sweet hills of the Val d’Orcia, in wonderful medieval borroughs until San Quirico d’Orcia, where we will spend the first night.

The Val d’Orcia, homeland of red wine Brunello di Montalcino, is an important natural reserve, and since 2004 was recognized World Heritage Site by UNESCO, for the excellent state of conservation of the landscape.

The second day we will keep on following the traces of the pilgrims that from Canterbury walked through valleys, rivers and woods towards the City of Jubileum, along the Francigena Way. On our route we will see trace of feudal age, castles, and witnesses of the fights between Popes and Emperors, between Guelphs and Ghibellins. At the end of this leg we will cross the border between Tuscany and Lazio, to stop our ride in the beautiful town of Proceno, nearby Viterbo. The following day marks our entrance in the land of Etruscans, a woody region full of lakes, but also of archeological remains of every age: pre-roman, Roman, Middle Age, Renaissance and Baroque. From the magnificient lake and castle of Bolsena, city of Eucharistic miracle, to the archeological site of the Roman city of Volsinii, to the impressive Cathedral of Montefiascone, to the delicious local white wine “Est! Est!! Est!!!”.

The fourth day goes through ancient Roman roads segments, paths and portions of Francigena Way until the wonderful Sutri Amphitheatre, a city famous for its remains of the Etruscan Age.

Our last leg will bring us to the very centre of Rome, first through the archeological site of Veio, an ancient city submitted by the Romans during the period of the Kings, and then through the Insugherata, a natural reserve in the northern part of the city. The last kilometers will give us an impressive scenographic effect: Saint Peter’s Dome and Coliseum will finally bring shadow on your bike ride!

day 1 – Siena / San Quirico

  • total distance: 49 km
  • level: medium

day 2: San Quirico / Proceno

  • total distance: 57 km
  • level: medium

day 3 – Proceno / Montefiascone

  • total distance: 44 km
  • level: medium

day 4: Montefiascone / Sutri

  • total distance: 57 km
  • level: medium

day 5: Sutri / Rome

  • total distance: 64 km
  • level: medium

The tour includes:

  • Minivan transport from Rome to Siena
  • Tour Leader (one for every group of 8 persons)
  • Trekking Bike equipped with water bottle and panniers
  • Helmet
  • Mechanical Assistance
  • Spare bike
  • Luggage transportation with van
  • RC Insurance
  • Hotel (5 nights + breakfast)
  • 5 lunches and 5 dinners


Accommodation in single room: € 200,00 per person.


Accommodation in Hotel **** or B&B **** in double room.


Lunch and dinner are served in local restaurants with typical food.

Tour leader

Our tour leaders are ready to guide and help you in any situation during your bike ride, so that you can appreciate the road and the places visited in your holiday.

Mechanical assistance

You have at disposition a service of mechanical assistance for every problem at your bike.


Monday 02:00 P.M. – Wheely Bike Rental – Via Labicana, 118 – Roma


Saturday 06:00 P.M. – Wheely Bike Rental – Via Ostilia, 29 – Roma

In case the Tour is cancelled for a insufficient number of partecipants the delivered subscription amount will be entirely refunded.
In case the Tour is cancelled for bad weather, it will postponed to another day.
The Tour starts with a minimum of 8 partecipants.
Booking opened until 24h before start.

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